Alexandro Colorado

Experienced member of the community with good experience in the codebase of and leadership managing open source groups. Have participated in tasks realated to promotion, consulting and trainning in free and open source software. Had also work for multinationals on Linux system administration and business development.

Had a professional background developed in the branch of IT in the United States, Eastern and Western Europe and Latin america.

Name: Alexandro Colorado

Email: <<MailTo(jza AT openoffice dot org)>>

Position: Co-Lead of Spanish

Years in the community: 8years (2002)

Years as an OOoES Lead: 6years (2004)


  • [ ES] community leader* [ BizDev] community Co-lead * [ Education|Education_Project/Effort] community Co-lead * [ Community contact for Mexico]

Projects involved

  • Español
    • Web development
    • Mailing list moderator
    • Documentator
    • Languge lead
  • XML
    • Developer
  • DBA
    • Documentator
  • Marketing]
    • Marketing contact for Mexico
  • Education
    • Co-Lead for Education
    • Certification tower lead
  • BizDev
    • Co-Lead for BizDev
    • Business database directory administrator
    • Web development



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