After the board meeting:

Yonglun ZhangUpdate podlings.xml to mark podling that did not report, ones whose report was missing but reported and podlings at the end of their monthly reporting period.Done
Yonglun ZhangAssign podling shepherds using
Yonglun ZhangRun clutch script (./ and generate report template(
Yonglun ZhangUpdate wiki report page to have correct podling listed (may need to remove graduated and retired podlings and add new podlings).Done
Justin McleanAdd any new PPMCs to the wiki so they can edit their report.Done
Yonglun ZhangSend out email containing list of podlings to report and dates.Done

During the month:

Justin McleanSend out initial reminder using
Justin McleanSend out 2nd reminder.

Send out 3rd reminder (optional).
Justin McleanRemind non reporting podlings. (6th June)

Before the report is due:

CalvinKirsWrite a summary of what has happened on the mailing list with anything of interest.
CalvinKirsList all releases made during the month /  check if incubator votes match with what’s in the release area.

List who been added/removed to IPMC during the month.

CalvinKirsCheck that PPMC members have been added correctly.
CalvinKirsRemove the non-reporting podlings sections from the report and note them as not reporting.
CalvinKirsNote any podlings that didn’t get mentor sign off in the report.
CalvinKirsReflow the report and fix the report formatting including remove text prompts for mentor activity and branding questions.

Lock the wiki page so it can’t be edited.

Send email to incubator list for review.

Submit the report to the board.

Create next month task list and email list
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