MERSMP is a massive resources of sharing and management platform .

Research Meaning:

It is built on Linux for massive educational resource, provide users with transparent service of resource access, standardized education resource description, unified interface and flexible security control mechanism, and also provide the expandable system, support the dynamic accession of heterogeneous resource and to achieve rapid retrieval and positioning.


MERSMP is a resources distributed storage platform, utilize resource directory centralized management strategy to support retrieval services for user.

As shown in figure, the system is composed of resource servers and each of them offers resource information as a node in WAN. They storage Physical resources, communicating and sharing these physical entities to others. Description info will be regular released to Management and Service Center, by registration and publishing. In this way, users can contribute their own resources to the system and access resources from the system transparently.

Management and Service Center keeps the index of latest resources, as a public service interface. Realization resources accessing and sharing between different nodes. By maintain the only index of resource system to achieve synchronization management resource update in different.

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