NOTE that the content for this month report is in markdown format- please do not remove any formatting characters when adding your reports.

If your report is missing please use the clutch2report.py script to generate your report.

It also best to:

  • Do not change existing formatting. Especially do not change the formatting of the sign-off area.
  • Keep all lines under 76 characters long.

  • All content under the ### headings should be indented by two spaces. Do not use tabs.

  • Please don't change the text in the headings or add new ones.
  • Include one space after a bullet point or full stop on a numbered list.
  • Use [X] (X and no spaces) to sign off reports.
  • Do not include long URLs and use the apache URL shortener https://s.apache.org.
  • Please note that some lines have two spaces at the end. Do not remove these spaces.

Please make sure you use the current report and don't copy an old one, the headings do change from time to time.

A script will be run on this report before it is submitted to the board. If your lines are too long it may insert line breaks in unexpected places.

fold -w 76 -s $1 | cat -s


XXXPodling reports due by end of day
XXXShepherd reviews due by end of day
XXXSummary due by end of day
XXXMentor signoff due by end of day

Report submitted to Board

XXXBoard meeting

Shepherd Assignments


Report text goes here

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