Project Proposal

This is a proposal to create a new Apache Web Services sub-project, wsabi4axis (pronounced wah-sah-bee for axis), that provides a web-based application to administer Axis, Axis2 and other Apache Web Services sub-projects.


Creating an active community based on meritocracy around the project is of top priority. Because there is a direct tie between wsabi4axis and Axis, the current committers feel that the ASF is the natural home for the project. In addition, the current community revolving around the Axis sub-project and Web Service Project in general is a springboard for building a solid base for the community.


Security - ability to apply a security policy to your web service. Integrates with WSS4J and Axis1 security internals (handlers, etc).

Auditing - ability to apply an audit policy to your web service. Current policies are: Summary Audit, Full Audit, Full Audit on Fault. Depending on which policy is chosen for an individual web service, key data (including SOAP Envelopes) is persisted into a datastore that can be viewed thru the GUI and used for capacity planning and SLA management.

Monitoring - ability to view overall operational health of your web services

Configuration - ability to create, view, update and delete Handlers, Globals, Transports, Services.

Life-cycle Control - Ability to stop and start your web service with one-click.

WS-ReliableMessaging Enablement - Ability to allow reliable communication between your webservices and clients as defined by the WS-RelableMessaging specification. Functionality provided by Apache Sandesha.

Initial Source

Initial Source contributions will be provided by Allesta who maintain an open-source project, wsabi4axis (, which provides a web-based application to administer Axis1 and integrates with WSS4J, Sandesha.

It is envisioned that the initial source code will work as a base to provide administration capabilities for both Axis1 and Axis2 (current code only support Axis1) as well as integration of other Apache Web Services sub-projects.

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