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The page describes the process for create a new distribution "kit" for XAP. A "kit" is the either the zip or tarball that contains all the files that will be submited for the release. *Steps to create the release* * Run ant using the build-manufacturing.xml file from a command prompt: \\ ant -buildfile=build-manufacturing.xml \\ This will run the "manufacturing" task inside the ant file. \\ * Requirements for running the file. You will need to change SVN setup in your ant classpath. This manufacturing process checks out the complete source tree to use as the basis for the build. \\ Checkout use the following task \\ You can download the [SvnTask] files at . Download and unzip the archive on that page, and put the .jar files from the 'lib' folder in your ant/lib folder \\ You also need the lastest version of Subversion (version 1.4). You can find the latest version of Subversion at \\ * The output of the manufacturing process is placed in the *.dist\package* directory. The following files are created during the manufacturing process. \\ ** xap-ajax-framework-today.tar.gz ** xap-ajax-framework-today.tar.gz.md5 ** ** \\ *Distribution kit structure* * docs - XAP documentation * dist - Files and libraries needed to run XAP as part of your project * source - Complete SVN source tree * samples - XAP Samples
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