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  • ASF Buildbot Configuration update workflow
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This page describes the workflow that Buildbot goes through whenever anyone makes configuration changes.


The simplistic version (50k')

  1. Commit to svn (at[master.cfg | projects/*.conf])
  2. cron job on aegis runs every 5 minutes and check to see if any changes to svn . (i.e. 'svn st -u | grep \M')
  3. if true for step 2; then do an svn up to pull in those changes onto the buildmaster.
  4. use the built in buildbot checkconfig tool to check the updated config for syntax and coding errors.
  5. if step 4 passes ok then send a SIGHUP via the buildbot reconfig command to reload the configuration files.
  6. if step 4 fails then we don't perform a reconfig but rather fail and send an email to the infrastructure-cvs mailing list.

And thats it. Simple. Some notes about that you should be aware of:-

The Good:

  • i. self service, no need to wait for infra to apply a configuration change to your Buildbot config.
  • ii. after 5 minutes if all is well your config is up and running.
  • iii. bad configs (syntax or otherwise) are not applied to a running config and so buildbot keeps running.

The Bad:

  • i. bad configs although not applied are still pulled in; and so effectively block ALL other good changes from being applied!
  • ii. Item i. above is so bad its worth reading it again !!!

Possible changes to the workflow:

The above bad scenario bites us again and again so Infra is looking to change the workflow so that bad configs do not affect
other projects.

Ideas include:

  1. A staging area for the buildbot checkconfig|reconfig to do its thing
  2. in conjunction with 1. utilise the svn pre-commit hook and only actually commit on a passing config, reject otherwise.
  3. similar to 2. but we put the configuration in git.


(todo: add more stuff)...

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