Policy regarding account removal

Occasionally we need to remove an account - either by request or because the committer is deceased or, in rare cases, because the ASF is forcibly removing the committer. 

An important caveat is that we almost never actually remove an LDAP account; we just remove the committer from all LDAP groups and mailing lists they have belonged to.

An exception would be responding to a GDPR/PII request by a committer: see the final bullet point under "Account removal by request of the committer or for a forced removal" in ASF Account Management.

Policy regarding name changes:

A new ICLA is only needed when changing an attribute of a profile that we didn't construct.

e.g. ID change only: no ICLA needed, ICLA is needed for NAME change

"an ICLA comes from a person. that is our legal standpoint. … the userID is an artifact we construct."