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  • Adding a GitHub Project Board for a PMC
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The first project board was created for Apache Cordova. (reference)

Projects are enabled on an organizational level. This might mean individuals can create org-level boards, so we'll want to monitor. Turning off the org-level option disables the menu to the existing boards, rather than simply stopping their creation. Thus, we need to keep org-level boards enabled.

At the org-level, members only have Read access to project boards. Once a board is created for a project, then we can assign its associated Team with Write access.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Visit the main projects page:
  2. Click on New Project
  3. Fill in the project name, leaving the description blank (the PMC should be able to edit this)
  4. Leave the template blank. Maybe more work for them, but Apache Cordova seemed to fix their board up quickly. If the INFRA ticket specifies a template, then go nuts.
  5. Link their primary repository (optional; helpful), but this is limited to just FIVE repositories, so allow the PMC to select if/any others to link.
  6. Click on Create Project
  7. Adjust permissions
    1. go back to the Projects page, and select "Settings" from the "..." menu (or a couple clicks on the new project page, via the menu in upper right)
    2. adjust Visibility to "Public" (click Save)
    3. set org-wide permissions to "Read" (click Save)
    4. use left panel to navigate to Team permissions
    5. add "$project committers" to the project
    6. tweak the team to Write access
  8. Go have a beer