Note: we are no longer using "slave" to identify a client or supporting part of a network. The term persists in some areas of our system, but we will address those as we can without causing disruptions to service.

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Buildbot Nodes

Build Node NameHostnameMaintainerHosted at
bb-bhvm2-demosbloodhound-vm2Bloodhound PMCVM on Eirene
bb-cms-slavecms.zones.apache.orgInfraJail on Baldr
bb-fbsd2_64bitbb-fbsd2InfraVM on Eirene
bb-openbsdbb-openbsdInfraVM on Erebus
bb-vm_ubuntubb-vm1InfraVM on Erebus
bb-win7bb-win7InfraVM on Erebus
lares_ubuntularesInfra / Y!Server at Y!
orcus_ubuntuorcusInfra / Y!Server at Y!
silvanus_ubuntusilvanusInfra / Y!Server at Y!
bb_slave#_ubuntubb-slave#InfraVMs (most in Leaseweb)
bb_1604_ubuntubb-1604-testInfraVM in LW EU
bb_qnode_{4,5}qnode#.quenda.coInfra / QuendaMetal from Quenda

Jenkins Nodes

Build Node NameHostnameMaintainerHosted at
freebsd1hudson-fbsd.zonesInfraJail on Baldr
H[0:20]asf9[00:20].gq1.ygridcore.netInfra / Y!Server at Y!
hadoop-win1apache-jenkins.cloudapp.netWIPCloud On Demand
jenkins-ubuntu-1404-4gb-$UIDvarious IPs from rackspaceInfraOn Demand from Rackspace
lucenelucene1-us-west.apache.orgLucene ProjectCloud at PNAP (question)
mac-mini-1hestiaInfraServer at OSU
solaris1hudson-solaris.zones.apache.orgInfraZone on Odyne
ubuntu-[1-2,4-6]pietas,penates,pomona,proserpina,priapusInfra / Y!Servers at Y!
ubuntu3hemeraInfraServer at OSU
windows1hudson-winInfraVM on Nyx
windows2je-win2012InfraVM on Erebus


InfraVM in LW


InfraVM in LW
git-websitesjenkins-websites1Infralw-eu private IP
websitesjenkins-websites-he-deInfraVM at Hetzner