The non-Infra information that was on this page is now here.

Infrastructure Notes

The Confluence runbook is available (via secure access only) as a plain-text document in Subversion.

(tick) Please file a JIRA ticket to document any administrative changes that affect the installation, rather than an individual space, such as installing a plugin. If appropriate, please also update this page.

Standard Groups


Any registered user


ASF PMC members helping with all spects of CWIKI administration


Users known to have a Contributor's License Agreement on file with the ASF


Committers helping to administer a ASF Project Space

source-editorsTrusted folks who can use the Confluence Source Editor plugin

Projects may create other groups to fill special access needs.

Adding a Project Space

  • A Project PMC can request creation of a New Space.
    • The PMC member requesting the site must have a CWIKI account setup. The request should include a keyname for the Space.
    • If the PMC uses JIRA, it makes sense to use the same Confluence space name and JIRA project name.
  • Create a $project-committers group.
  • Add the PMC member requesting the Space to $project-committers and give them space-administrators access.
  • Create the Space.
  • Give the $project-committers groups all rights to the Space.
    • As a fail-safe, we strongly recommend that you give all rights to the Space to the confluence-administrators group.
  • Give the confluence-users group View and (optionally) Export access. Do NOT allow this group greater rights than that.
  • Remove the individual rights granted to your account by Confluence when the Space was created.
  • Grant View and Export only rights to Anonymous.

Posting email alerts to a mailing list

One approach is to create a role account ($project-group) and use your project's moderator privileges to subscribe the account to your commits@ list. The profile for the account can be set up to watch the project space. The account will need confluence-user karma, because without at least that, the system won't send the alerts. Some projects find the change-by-change reports to be so verbose as to be unhelpful, and so set the account to send daily summaries instead. Since the account is posting to an ASF mailing list, the emails should be in plain-text rather than HTML.

(warning) If the initial notifications from Confluence do not appear in the list's moderation queue, check for an "ezmlm-reject" line in the list's configuration, and remove it if it is present.

Installing Plugins

Any Confluence Administrator can install a plugin from the administration area in Confluence. Please file a JIRA ticket when installing or updating a plugin, to keep everyone apprised.