We have a relay service for quickly (and without manual configuration on GitHub) relaying webhooks to 3rd party services (or ASF services).

This service currently supports relaying for commits (pushes), PRs/issues and Merges.

Configuration is managed through infrastructure-puppet/blob/deployment/modules/gitbox/files/conf/relay.yaml

Relay hook currently runs on gitbox, might be moved at some point. Moving to p6 might be preferred for enabling adding non-public hook URLs.

Sample config entry:

repos: sling-*
events: commit
hook: https://builds.apache.org/github-webhook/
format: formdata
enabled: true

Events to look for can be: commit, pr, merge or all. (you can add multiple options separated by space).
Format can be formdata or json.

For debug (missing/failed hooks, etc.), look in /x1/gitbox/logs/relay-$hookname.log where $hookname is the self-made ID for the specific hook stanza (like sling-jenkins-commits above).