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Support FAQ

Can we use Fisheye to browse and search our repository?

Yes. See for some working examples.

The people at Atlassian kindly provide FishEye instances of ASF projects, upon request.

  • First, check with your project's PMC, and then ask Atlassian to setup a FishEye instance for your project. (No need to keep infra the loop.)
  • Create a support request at Atlassian Support in the FishEye project. Please use the "Public Hosting" component for your request.
  • If there is no response after a reasonable amount of time, infra has access to set up projects on Fisheye, but consider this a last resort option, Atlassian should be first point of contact.

(tick) Atlassian now run a local synced copy of the ASF repository, hence requests can now be made direct without infra needing to be involved.

Group FAQ

Answers to some likely questions.

What are the group's priorities?

The foundation is a collaborative, volunteer organization, and so we invite volunteers to do first what interests you most. Otherwise, some reasonable priorities might be:

  • Outage response
  • Support requests
  • System documentation (installation, configuration, maintenance)
  • Product documentation (how-tos and other application usage tips)
  • Product updates, as needed
  • Product optimizations (tweaks to configuration, operating system, source code, hardware)

Can we get more machines?

For the time being, allocating additional servers is not a practical option. However, given a concrete and convincing cost/benefit analysis, we could possibly swap in a different machine or perhaps request RAM or HDD upgrades. But someone would have to do the homework first.

Can we get direct access to the server we have?

Some group members do have access to the server, and we can make changes to the application and system software, as needed. Other group members can be granted server access, if needed. However, most of what we need to do can be done through the application's administrative interfaces.

Can we tweak the JIRA or Confluence source code?

Possibly. Post to infrastructure-private@ if you would like to pursue this sort of thing.

Of course, Continuum is an ASF project, so feel free jump in there (smile)

Is the group also responsible for the underlying operating system?

We've been invited to take responsibility for the underlying OS and everything else to do with the machines. Product updates could include updates to both the supported applications and to the underlying OS, as needed. Right now, Brutus, which hosts Bugilla, JIRA, and Confluence is running Ubuntu, but we could change the OS to FreeBSD or Solaris, if there were sufficient cause. Of course, to do any of that, we would first need multiple volunteers with relevant system administration experience. We are not going to ask anyone to start "banging the rocks together".

Are we also responsible for Bugzilla or Moin-Moin?

Not as such, though the ASF Infrastructure group is always looking for volunteers to help with non-Java applications, including Bugzilla and Moin-Moin.

(tick) There is a suggestion pending that we broaden the scope of the group to the "Web Application Support group", and encourage Perl and Python web developers to join the group. See the "[JAS] Proposal ..." thread on infrastructure-private@ for the latest developments.


How to install and run supported applications.

  • Confluence (Secure access only)
  • Continuum (warning) TODO
  • JIRA (Secure access only)



About the AutoExport Tool

The Autoexport plugin allows us to scale Confluence to meet the needs of the many ASF projects using this site. It creates static export sites so that projects may use it to link from their usual website/cms to their cwiki instance as an extra resource, docs etc. As Confluence autoexported sites are no longer supported and being phased out (projects should migrate to the CMS), this should only be used now as a Wiki and not a website.

It should be noted that as Confluence continues to be upgraded to later versions, it will become more likely that the Autoexport tool will no longer work with future versions unless volunteers step up to help maintain the plugin.

(warning) The Infra Team are not reponsible for the upkeep of this or any other Confluence plugin

Autoexport Plugin is at Atlassian!

The maintenance and enhancements of this plugin are now maintained at Atlassian. Please go to the AE Atlassian Plugin Exchange to file or fix bugs!

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