This Confluence has been LDAP enabled, if you are an ASF Committer, please use your LDAP Credentials to login. Any problems file an INFRA jira ticket please.

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Part of ASF Build Services, the ASF runs a Jenkins continuous-integration server at, with mailing-list (see archive) and Jenkins component in INFRA JIRA project for issue tracking.

This build service is complemented by a Sonar instance at . See SonarQube Analysis for more information.
Note that is now deprecated and will go away soon.

  The Jenkins setup consists of a master server and several build slave servers: for more details on slaves, see Build Slaves Configuration section

Any ASF project can run build and test tasks for their projects from this server. PMC chairs can grant access to Jenkins to any committer: see below for instructions to get an administrative account, in order to create the Jenkins jobs representing your projects.  

Those of you in the Incubator, there are many PMC Chairs belonging to the Incubator PMC, including but not limited to the Incubator PMC Chair. So if a mentor can't do it, ask around. If no answer within a reasonable time frame, then by all means open an INFRA ticket, mentioning your earlier attempts to get a PMC Chair to do it.  

Your users will then be able to view results of those builds on the web.


Build Slaves Configuration

The Jenkins node labels page lists nodes and the labels strategy. The label "ubuntu" is recommended for jobs which do not need to be tied to a specific platform.

Build slaves configuration is managed with puppet: see build slaves puppet module, notably deployed toolchains.xml.   

The following pages detail software with multiple versions installed, how they are installed and what those versions are.


How do I get an account

Jenkins uses the Apache LDAP servers for authentication. To give a committer access to Jenkins, the committer must be made a member of the hudson-jobadmin group. This is done using the Whimsy Tool which all PMC Chairs can change.

You must subscribe to users@infra and builds@ to receive notifications of Jenkins upgrades, outages, etc.   

How do I report a bug / contact the maintainers?

 Use this JIRA form to create an issue under the "Jenkins" component.  Before creating a new issue, you can have a look at already opened issues with this JIRA search.   

How do I allow Jenkins to mail to my project's "dev" list?

Send an email to Replace "FOO" with the name of your dev list, e.g. "dev", and "" with the name of your TLP. Note that you should send this request from a moderator email address.   

On the job's Config page, tick "E-mail Notification", and type in the Recipients field. Tick 'Send e-mail for every unstable build'.   

Mails will now be sent every time a build starts failing, or when a failing series of builds starts working again.   

Where do I find more information on Jenkins?

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