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  • Packaging a deb and uploading to Bintray
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Creating a deb

  • Using a java jdk as an example
  • This example uses FPM so your environment will need 'fpm', 'dbuild' and ??
  • make a directory .../java
  • copy the jdk in question in there
  • go to the parent directory of the .../java dir
  • run 'fpm -n asf-build-jdk-1.7.0-79-unlimited-security -v 1.0.0 -a all -s dir -t deb -C java --iteration 1 --prefix /usr/local/asfpackages/java --maintainer "<>" --url "" --description $helpful_description --vendor "Apache Software Foundation" .'

NOTE: Please do use /usr/local/asfpackages as the prefix path (previously /usr/local/jenkins) so that we can re-use the packages elsewhere (such as Buildbot etc)

Uploading to Bintray

  • goto
  • then there's a green rectangle that says "add new package"
  • type the name
  • then click the green rectangle at the bottom "create package"
  • and then on the left hand side, click "versions list"
  • and then up towards the right top, click "create new version"
  • type in the version and click create version
  • up towards to top, you'll see what looks somewhat similar to a url, click the version number
  • and then to the right you'll see a partial box with the title Version files
  • click the UI link in the block of text
  • debian distribution: trusty, xenial
  • debian component: main
  • debian architecture: amd64 (if it's a 32bit deb but will be used on x86/x64, then specify i386,amd64)
  • then click big box to upload deb, then save changes
  • Click on 'Publish' on the next screen

Resigning repo metadata with GPG

Still trying to figure out individual package signing.

Extra Steps as needed

Add here any examples of further considerations.

Config changes to ansible and puppet for adding a jdk.


Ansible is no longer supported, please do not use Ansible any longer.


(patches welcome)



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