We want to assemble a history that has two parts: a timeline that notes the significant changes and when they happened, and anecdotes, tales, stories that will give the flavour of Infra through the years.

Timeline Notes

  • 1995: Apache was run from a computer under Brian Behlendorf's desk. 
  • 19??: Creation of the Infra Committee, on the model of other ASF committees.
  • 1995-??: Infra team as a loose collection of volunteers, rather like a PMC. Strengths? Challenges? "Infra tax"
  • 19??: Joe Schaefer hired as a contractor to work on infrastructure.
  • 2001: Greg: "When I was elected as a Director in 2001, we had like 4 PMCs. Now we have 200"
  • 2010: CMS system
  • ????: First VP-Infra. Before that, did the Infra Committee report directly to the president?
  • September, ????, Greg Stein became the first Infra-Admin. End of the ASF Committee.

Staff growth chart notes:

19?? 1 contractor


2019 1 admin, 5 sysadmins, .5 editor/writer

Story notes

The time we almost deleted the database. The time the Russian hackers were fixing our code for us. That other time when X got lost at ApacheCon and could not find the hotel and so missed a vital download...