1. Follow the steps on this page for creating a CSR and sending it to whoever is buying your cert (ie. gstein) SSL Certificate Generation and Renewal
  2. Get the cert from your local corner cert bodega
  3. Follow these steps to organize your cert for JFrog https://jfrog.com/knowledge-base/how-to-configure-custom-cname-for-artifactory-cloud/
    1. folder name should be **domain***_cert (packages_apache_org_cert)
    2. certs in the folder should be ***domain***.crt and ***domain***.key
  4. zip that up
  5. Follow these instructions to encrypt with JFrog's gpg key https://jfrog.com/knowledge-base/transferring-my-sensitive-content-to-jfrog-using-public-key-encryption/
  6. Email to support@jfrog.com asking them to update everything.