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(warning) IMPORTANT Information regarding using the Jenkins API at https://builds.apache.org.

To assist in improving performance in the ASF Jenkins instance , one of the initiatives we  have adopted is the principle of ensuring that API calls use the 'tree' or 'depth' parameters in API queries. See this Cloudbees article for more on this subject and why this is a good thing.

Basically, if you query our api without using 'tree' or 'depth' then you will be automatically banned for a period of 24 hours. Assuming you do get banned please 1) adjust your query and 2) File an INFRA ticket or email users@infra.apache.org to get yourself un-banned quicker than the 24 hour default.

Further info at https://builds.apache.org/api/ (that address will not get you banned but contains useful information.)

Some examples of good and bad API calls to our ASF Jenkins:

Bad API queries (these will get you banned)

"request": "/job/HBase Nightly/job/branch-2//api/json"

"request": "//job/HBASE-Flaky-Tests-branch2.0/1179//api/json"

Good API queries (these will not get you banned)

"request": "/overallLoad/api/json?depth=2"

 "request": "/job/allura/api/json?depth=1"

"request": "/job/Qpid-Broker-J-Python-Test/lastBuild/api/json?tree=number,result,actions,timestamp,duration"