This page provides details for the ASF Cloudbees Jenkins Client Master at 

Shared Nodes

Shared Nodes, also known as 'Floating Agents' are specially configured nodes at the Operations Center 
level and leased out to all client masters as they are needed. To use one of these nodes, just configure
your job(s) to use the corresponding label. The information on this page and the other client-master 
pages replaces information previously provided at Jenkins node labels 


Note that there is no 'docker' or 'Docker' label on any node. There is no need as Docker is installed by default on all nodes, so using the default label(s) is enough




1By default, this will be used if no other ubuntu labelled nodes are available.
Has the DigiCert ONE PKCS#11 library and configuration file path linked in env variable PKCS11_CONFIG
jenkins-win-azr-[1-12]Windows12These Windows nodes are available to all client controllers.
jenkins-s390x-[1-4]s390x4s390x nodes available to all client controllers.
2Nodes used for only website build and deploy.
These Windows nodes are available to all client controllers.
jenkins-lxd1lxd, snapcraft1Build Node for LXD / Snapcraft builds only - no normal builds here please!
jenkins-shared-arm[1-6]arm622.04 nodes running on arm64 EC2 instances
jenkins-shared-gpu[1-3]gpu3nvidia tesla T4 nodes
Total Number of shared Nodes29We will be adding more soon - suggestions also welcome

N.B. That the ECDSA keys for Jenkins nodes (which may also be present in /etc/ssh/known_hosts) must be present in ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

All shared nodes are listed at

In addition to the above shared nodes (also called 'runners' or 'agents') this client master also has attached:

Nodes and Labels

H22 - H44, H48




plc4x1Approved Folder 'PLC4X' use only
lucene[1,2]lucene2Approved Folder 'Lucene' use only
openwhisk1openwhisk1Approved Folder Openwhisk use only
Total Number of Nodes31

All currently attached nodes (i.e. the shared nodes being currently leased and the permanent ones) are listed at

Installed Plugins

JiraTestResultReporterJenkins JiraTestResultReporter plugin2.0.7
ace-editorJavaScript GUI Lib: ACE Editor bundle plugin1.1
analysis-model-apiAnalysis Model API Plug-in8.0.1
antAnt Plugin1.11
antisamy-markup-formatterOWASP Markup Formatter Plugin1.8
apache-httpcomponents-client-4-apiJenkins Apache HttpComponents Client 4.x API Plugin4.5.10-2.0
async-http-clientAsync Http Client1.7.24.3
authentication-tokensAuthentication Tokens API Plugin1.3
aws-credentialsCloudBees AWS Credentials Plugin1.28
aws-java-sdkAmazon Web Services SDK1.11.700
basic-branch-build-strategiesBasic Branch Build Strategies Plugin1.3.2
blueocean-commonsCommon API for Blue Ocean1.21.0
blueocean-jiraJIRA Integration for Blue Ocean1.21.0
blueocean-restREST API for Blue Ocean1.21.0
bootstrap4-apiBootstrap 4 API Plugin4.4.1-12
bouncycastle-apibouncycastle API Plugin2.18
branch-apiBranch API Plugin2.5.5
build-timeoutBuild Timeout1.19
cloudbees-administrative-monitorsCloudBees Administrative Monitors Plugin1.0.1
cloudbees-analyticsCloudBees Analytics Plugin1.9
cloudbees-assuranceBeekeeper Upgrade Assistant Plugin2.138.0.11
cloudbees-blueocean-default-themeCloudBees Blue Ocean Default Theme0.5
cloudbees-folderFolders Plugin6.9
cloudbees-folders-plusCloudBees Folders Plus Plugin3.9
cloudbees-groovy-viewCloudBees Groovy View Plugin1.9
cloudbees-haCloudBees High Availability Management plugin4.20
cloudbees-jsync-archiverCloudBees Fast Archiving Plugin5.11
cloudbees-licenseCloudBees License Manager9.36
cloudbees-monitoringCloudBees Monitoring Plugin2.8
cloudbees-nodes-plusCloudBees Nodes Plus Plugin1.19
cloudbees-ssh-slavesCloudBees SSH Build Agents Plugin2.5
cloudbees-supportCloudBees Support Plugin3.22
cloudbees-templateCloudBees Template Plugin4.43
cloudbees-uc-data-apiCloudBees Update Center Data API4.42
cloudbees-view-creation-filterCloudBees View Creation Filter Plugin1.6
cloudbees-workflow-templateCloudBees Pipeline: Templates Plugin3.3
cloudbees-workflow-uiCloudBees Pipeline Stage View Extensions2.3
command-launcherCommand Agent Launcher Plugin1.4
config-file-providerConfig File Provider Plugin3.6.3
credentialsCredentials Plugin2.3.0
credentials-bindingCredentials Binding Plugin1.20 API Plugin1.10.20-14
display-url-apiDisplay URL API2.3.1
docker-commonsDocker Commons Plugin1.16
docker-workflowDocker Pipeline1.21
durable-taskDurable Task Plugin1.33
echarts-apiECharts API Plugin4.6.0-8
email-extEmail Extension Plugin2.68
emailext-templateEmail Extension Template Plugin1.1
envinjectEnvironment Injector Plugin2.3.0
envinject-apiEnvInject API Plugin1.7
external-monitor-jobExternal Monitor Job Type Plugin1.7
font-awesome-apiFont Awesome API Plugin5.13.0-1
forensics-apiForensics API Plugin0.7.0
gitJenkins Git plugin4.0.0
git-clientJenkins Git client plugin3.0.0
git-serverJenkins GIT server Plugin1.9
git-validated-mergeCloudBees Git Validated Merge Plugin3.25
githubGitHub plugin1.29.4
github-apiGitHub API Plugin1.106
github-branch-sourceGitHub Branch Source Plugin2.6.0
gradleGradle Plugin1.36
h2-apiH2 API Plugin1.4.199
handlebarsJavaScript GUI Lib: Handlebars bundle plugin1.1.1
infradna-backupCloudBees Backup Plugin3.38.17
jackson2-apiJackson 2 API Plugin2.10.2
javadocJavadoc Plugin1.5
jaxbJAXB plugin2.3.0.1
jdk-toolOracle Java SE Development Kit Installer Plugin1.4
jiraJenkins JIRA plugin3.0.11
jira-triggerJIRA Trigger Plugin1.0.0
jquery-detachedJavaScript GUI Lib: jQuery bundles (jQuery and jQuery UI) plugin1.2.1
jquery3-apiJQuery3 API Plugin3.4.1-10
jschJenkins JSch dependency plugin0.1.55.1
junitJUnit Plugin1.28
ldapLDAP Plugin1.21
mailerJenkins Mailer Plugin1.30
mapdb-apiMapDB API Plugin1.0.9.0
matrix-authMatrix Authorization Strategy Plugin2.5
matrix-projectMatrix Project Plugin1.14
maven-pluginMaven Integration plugin3.4
maven-repo-cleanerMaven Repository Scheduled Cleanup Plugin1.2
metricsMetrics Plugin4.0.2.6
momentjsJavaScript GUI Lib: Moment.js bundle plugin1.1.1
nectar-licenseCloudBees Jenkins Enterprise License Entitlement Check8.25
nectar-rbacCloudBees Role-Based Access Control Plugin5.30
node-iterator-apiNode Iterator API Plugin1.5.0
operations-center-agentOperations Center Agent2.204.0.5
operations-center-clientOperations Center Client Plugin2.204.0.6
operations-center-cloudOperations Center Cloud2.204.0.5
operations-center-contextOperations Center Context2.204.0.5
pam-authPAM Authentication plugin1.6
pipeline-build-stepPipeline: Build Step2.11
pipeline-graph-analysisPipeline Graph Analysis Plugin1.10
pipeline-input-stepPipeline: Input Step2.11
pipeline-mavenPipeline Maven Integration Plugin3.8.2
pipeline-milestone-stepPipeline: Milestone Step1.3.1
pipeline-model-apiPipeline: Model API1.5.0
pipeline-model-declarative-agentPipeline: Declarative Agent API1.1.1
pipeline-model-definitionPipeline: Declarative1.5.0
pipeline-model-extensionsPipeline: Declarative Extension Points API1.5.0
pipeline-rest-apiPipeline: REST API Plugin2.12
pipeline-stage-stepPipeline: Stage Step2.3
pipeline-stage-tags-metadataPipeline: Stage Tags Metadata1.5.0
pipeline-stage-viewPipeline: Stage View Plugin2.12
pipeline-utility-stepsPipeline Utility Steps2.6.1
plain-credentialsPlain Credentials Plugin1.5
plugin-util-apiPlugin Utilities API Plugin1.1.0
popper-apiPopper.js API Plugin1.16.0-6
resource-disposerResource Disposer Plugin0.14
scm-apiSCM API Plugin2.6.3
script-securityScript Security Plugin1.70
slackSlack Notification Plugin2.34
sonarSonarQube Scanner for Jenkins2.11
ssh-credentialsSSH Credentials Plugin1.18.1
structsStructs Plugin1.20
subversionJenkins Subversion Plug-in2.13.1
support-coreSupport Core Plugin2.67
token-macroToken Macro Plugin2.10
toolenvTool Environment plugin1.2
trilead-apiTrilead API Plugin1.0.5
variantVariant Plugin1.3
warnings-ngWarnings Next Generation Plugin8.1.0
wikitextCloudBees WikiText Security Plugin3.9
windows-slavesWMI Windows Agents Plugin1.6
workflow-apiPipeline: API2.38
workflow-basic-stepsPipeline: Basic Steps2.19
workflow-cpsPipeline: Groovy2.79
workflow-cps-checkpointCloudBees Pipeline: Groovy Checkpoint Plugin2.8
workflow-cps-global-libPipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries2.15
workflow-durable-task-stepPipeline: Nodes and Processes2.35
workflow-jobPipeline: Job2.36
workflow-multibranchPipeline: Multibranch2.21
workflow-scm-stepPipeline: SCM Step2.9
workflow-step-apiPipeline: Step API2.22
workflow-supportPipeline: Supporting APIs3.4
ws-cleanupJenkins Workspace Cleanup Plugin0.38
xvfbJenkins Xvfb plugin1.1.3