This page will give details about the ASF Cloudbees Core Operations Center

Shared Nodes

Shared Nodes, also known as 'Floating Agents' are specially configured nodes at the Operations Center 
level and leased out to all client masters as they are needed. To use one of these nodes, just configure
your job(s) to use the corresponding label. The information on this page and the other client-master 
pages replaces information previously provided at Jenkins node labels 


Note that there is no 'docker' or 'Docker' label on any node. There is no need as Docker is installed by default on all nodes, so using the default label(s) is enough




1By default, this will be used if no other ubuntu labelled nodes are available.
Has the DigiCert ONE PKCS#11 library and configuration file path linked in env variable PKCS11_CONFIG
jenkins-win-azr-[1-12]Windows12These Windows nodes are available to all client controllers.
jenkins-s390x-[1-4]s390x4s390x nodes available to all client controllers.
2Nodes used for only website build and deploy.
These Windows nodes are available to all client controllers.
jenkins-lxd1lxd, snapcraft1Build Node for LXD / Snapcraft builds only - no normal builds here please!
jenkins-shared-arm[1-6]arm622.04 nodes running on arm64 EC2 instances
jenkins-shared-gpu[1-3]gpu3nvidia tesla T4 nodes
Total Number of shared Nodes29We will be adding more soon - suggestions also welcome

N.B. That the ECDSA keys for Jenkins nodes (which may also be present in /etc/ssh/known_hosts) must be present in ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

All shared nodes are listed at