The mboxer list archive tool receives email via a script called (in p3 modules/mboxer) and writes the archived message to a canonical archive tree on mbox-vm in /x1/. accepts email in three categories:

  • Standard public emails
  • Private emails, visible to members of the foundation
  • Sensitive information, only available to root@ and prez!

Depending on what the list accomplishes, be sure to check that mbox-vm is subscribed with the right alias!

Configuring archival for a new (non-list) alias:

Add the list alias to the init file of the mboxer module in p3.

Please note: the list alias must be unique.

Example mboxer alias definition
      ensure    => present,
      name      => 'specific-example',
      provider  => aliases,
      notify    => Exec['newaliases'],
      recipient => "|python3 ${install_base}/tools/ --lid <archiver|private|restricted>";

Subscribe the alias to the corresponding list

To finish configuration for the example above: put into ~apmail/ .qmail-example-specific.