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Tools and plugins

Here is a list of the Ivy related tools and plugins we are aware of that can be found over the net.

Feel free to post on the mailing list to ask for your tool to be added here.

  • IvyDE is a plugin for Eclipse which helps writing Ivy files by bringing powerful code completion and wizards, and also let you add a classpath container keeping your Eclipse project classpath in sync with the dependencies Ivy resolves.
  • IvyIDEA is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin for resolving dependencies using Apache Ivy and adding them in IntelliJ. This seems to be the most actively maintained plugin for IntelliJ.

  • Ivy Plugin is another plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, which reads IDEA module settings such as classpath and source directories from Ivy setup.

  • IvyBeans is a plugin for NetBeans which provides full Apache Ivy integration into the library management feature of the Netbeans IDE.
  • ivy-nb-shared-libraries is another NetBeans plugin.
  • ivy-svn is a Subversion dependency resolver for Ivy 2.0.
  • Generate application.xml from ivy.xml for packaging an ear is an entry on Philipp Meier's weblog which explain how he used Ivy and XSLT to generate his application.xml files.
  • EAR Ant task is not directly related to Ivy, but more to the link above. You have also the possibility to use this task to generate your ear, which does not depend on Ivy, but can be very easily integrated with it.
  • Bushel is a simple utility to convert ad-hoc OSGi bundles into a local Ivy repository.
  • ivyeclipse is a simple Ant task that updates Eclipse's .classpath according to ivy:resolve results.
  • IvyVisual is a plugin for Visual Studio™ to manage the inter dependencies of the solutions with Ivy.
  • ivyflex is a plugin for Adobe Flex Builder (3.x) - retrieves project artifacts, maintains project build path.
  • Ivy Facade is a simple utility class for generating HTML to make your Ivy repository a little easier to navigate; it maps both dependents and dependencies and provides a simple graphical view.

Doc, tutorials, articles

Non-English resources


  • Ant is the popular build tool with which Ivy is integrated.
  • AntContrib is a project offering a set of useful tasks for Ant.
  • Javalobby is a Java community site with interesting forums and tutorials.



Tools and plugins

  • : this SourceForge project aims to gather community contributed tools and plugins for Ivy.
  • IvyCruise : this set of plugins for Cruise Control lets you integrate Ivy with this famous continuous integration server.
  • IvyDependencyImportor is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, which let you import all the libs described in the ivy.xml to the current module library.
  • IVY for IDEA is another plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, which reads IDEA module settings such as classpath and source directories from Ivy setup. (This link fails.)
  • SAnt (Shared Ant) is an experimental build system based on Ant and Ivy, primarily developed as a part of the Hippo project.


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