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This is the Apache Wiki for the Jakarta community. To edit pages, visit login near the top right corner of any page to create a user profile or to login. Notifications of all changes you make will be sent to the general@jakarta mailing list, so we will be aware of your changes and we will happily correct any small mistakes that you might make.

The Jakarta project is a collection of sub-projects that provide server-side solutions using the Java language. The Apache Software Foundation also hosts projects written in Java which are not managed as part of the Jakarta project; see the list of top-level projects at the main apache website and the main Apache Wiki for information on these.

The main Jakarta web site can be found at http://jakarta.apache.org/. Reference_Library and Vendor Support are two pages from the web site that can now be found here on the wiki.

This wiki contains information pertaining to the Jakarta project as a whole (mostly management and administration information). Links to the wiki pages for the various Jakarta sub-projects may be found here.

There is an external unofficial Jakarta Forum that currently archives the mailing lists from all the Jakarta sub projects. You can browse or search the messages, and find out what the entire Jakarta community is talking about.

Jakarta project management

The Jakarta project exists as part of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The ASF board delegates responsibility for overseeing all the Jakarta products to a committee known as the Jakarta PMC.

TLP proposals -

Jakarta PMC Chair thoughts

(Hen) For want of anywhere else to place this, a scratchpad in which I can record some ideas.

Jakarta Infrastructure

Current Events

Organizing Jakarta

This wiki is a part of the big Apache Wiki Farm.


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