Jakarta status report, April 2010. There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.


We have voted to move two subprojects to the Apache Attic. Jakarta Slide and Jakarta Taglibs showed very little activity over the past year or so. After a discussion to gauge committer interest, we deemed it appropriate to move those to the Apache Attic. We have asked the Apache Attic PMC to take over. As a result, we will no longer include a status on these subprojects in future board reports. Henri Yandell has volunteered to help move Jakarta Taglibs to the Apache Attic. We are looking for a volunteer to help with the move for Jakarta Slide.

We are discussing three other Jakarta subprojects: ECS, ORO and Regexp. These have number of active users but no new major development planned. We expect to present the outcome of this discussion in our next report.

As mentioned in the last report, we voted to consolidate all the Jakarta subproject development mailing lists into one list. The progress is being tracked in JIRA and infra intends to look at it soon.


  • None this quarter

Subproject news


Couple of posts to the user list and couple of new issues reported in Bugzilla.

No development activity this quarter.


A couple of JIRA issues have been fixed in the code for BSF3.

The Maven build has been updated to work better with automated build systems such as Gump and Hudson, and the tests now work better on Java 1.6.

No activity on the BSF2.x code line.


Small number of posts on the user list. Couple of new JIRA issues created.

No development activity this quarter.


No activity - maintenance mode.


Small number of posts on the user list. Aaron Smuts continues to answer most queries. Couple of new JIRA issues.

There has been a discussion about the next release. Thomas Vandahl has volunteered to do the release and a move to using Maven2.


User mailing list is active as usual.

More progress has been made towards updating JMeter for Java 1.5, but no release as yet.


No activity - maintenance mode.


No activity - maintenance mode.


Voted to move to Apache Attic this quarter.


Voted to move to Apache Attic this quarter.

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