December 2007 Board Report


The downsizing of Jakarta continued this quarter. HttpComponents became TLP and has finished moving all the resources to their own TLP. We wish them all the best with their new identity! Slide was retired (see Slide section for more details), with a notice on the Slide page (see

The main focus this quarter will be (re)starting discussions about the future of the mature components/libraries like ORO, Regexp (maintained) and ECS and BCEL (not maintained).


  • 29 September 2007 - JMeter 2.3 final
  • 9 October 2007 - HttpComponents HttpCore 4.0 alpha 6
  • 7 November 2007 - HttpComponents HttpClient 4.0 alpha 2
  • 30 November 2007 - JMeter 2.3.1 final

Community changes

No changes in the community

Subproject news


Has no active development, but is maintained. A release to support jdk 1.5 is pending, depending if there is going to be feedback.


There is an outstanding request for the TCK for scripting. Geir expressed the concern that this TCK could be part of the JDK 1.6 TCK and not independ. We are sitll waiting for the definitive answer on this.


Development has picked up after Apachecon Atlanta and Petar is working towards a release.


No activity and not maintained. As with BCEL it is probably best to retire the project or see if it can find a home at Apache Commons.


HttpComponents released one alpha each for HttpCore and HttpClient as a Jakarta sub-project. A TLP proposal was submitted for the November board meeting and accepted. Starting December 2007, HttpComponents submits separate board reports as a TLP.

By end of December 2007, HttpComponents is no longer using Jakarta resources. Mailing lists, SVN, website, dist, and archive have been moved. The HttpComponents Wiki still has Jakarta in it's name, but it is a separate Wiki.


No developer activity going on at this moment, though there is user activity on the dev and user lists.


JMeter released 2.3 and 2.3.1 final.


Since the mature nature hardly any activity (it is maintained). There are still a lot of users and bug reports are actively monitored and acted upon. Since the library nature of the subproject it is definitely worth investigating if Apache Commons can be the new home for this library.


See ORO.


Due to the lack of a developer community, Slide has been retired on 03/Nov/2007. It is thus no longer actively maintained or supported by the ASF. Subversion, Bugzilla, and one of the mailing lists will remain open for a transition period. Slide users will be pointed to Apache Jackrabbit as a replacement.

Every few weeks, somebody inquires about a separate WebDAV client project on a mailing list of Slide, Jackrabbit, Commons, or HttpComponents. There are some people, some of which are Apache committers, who expressed some interest to put in some time, if others are with them. But nobody seems to want to take the lead and request a sandbox or lab project in which to start. The presence of two separate codebases (Jackrabbit, Slide) from which one could start doesn't help. Jackrabbit is alive, Slide is used in the wild.


Development is still taking place, although not at a high priority. Bug fixing took place on the Standard Taglib and there is the intention to make a final release after all bugfixing is done.

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