Jakarta status report, July 2010. There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.


The consolidation of the Jakarta subproject development mailing lists into a single development list is now complete, thanks to the infrastructure team. With this consolidation and the moving of Jakarta Slide and Jakarta Taglibs subprojects to the Attic, we have reduced the number of public mailing lists by 50% (from 24 to 12).

We continue to discuss potential new homes, with the Apache Attic being one of the potential homes, for three more Jakarta subprojects: ECS, ORO and Regexp. These have number of active users but no new major development planned.


  • BSF 3.1 was released on June 24th, 2010
  • JMeter 2.4 was released on July 14th, 2010

Subproject news


Couple of posts to the user list and couple of new issues reported in Bugzilla. The topic of a new release came up, and sebb made a number of minor improvements to the code.


BSF 3.1 was released on June 24th. Other than the release activity, it has been a quiet quarter on the mailing lists.


One new JIRA issue raised. No development activity this quarter.


No activity - maintenance mode.


Small number of posts on the user list. A handful of new issues (7) were reported in JIRA.


User mailing list is still very active. There are quite a few regulars who help out with answering questions. Continued progress on fixing some bugs (e.g in JMS) and adding new functionality (SMTP) by sebb. JMeter 2.4 was released on July 14th.


No activity - maintenance mode.


No activity - maintenance mode.

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