September 2007 Jakarta Board Report


A discussion was started to merge HttpClient & Slide codebase (at least the client part of it), but no further action was taken on a TLP proposal.


  • 7 July 2007 - HttpComponents HttpCore 4.0 alpha 5
  • 11 July 2007 - JMeter 2.3RC3
  • 20 July 2007 - HttpComponents HttpClient 4.0 alpha 1
  • 22 August 2007 - HttpClient 3.1 final
  • 05 September 2007 - JMeter 2.3RC4

Community changes

Alf Hoegemark joined as a committer working on the JMeter project.

Subproject news


Is not maintained. The user list is very low traffic, but people get their questions answered.


There was a discussion on the next steps after the BSF release. Userlist is very low traffic.


No development has taken place.


Commons has gone TLP and is currently not dependening on jakarta resources anymore. At the time the commons TLP resources weren't setup completely, commons still made use of Jakarta resources :
The Commons TLP release of CLI 1.1 was done using the Jakarta resources and a couple of other votes were held on the jakarta private list, awaiting the creation of the commons TLP lists.


A patch was applied by Henri Yandell to accomodate a user.


HttpCore 4.0 alpha 5 has been released. Alpha 6 is scheduled for end of September or early October and will introduce the last set of significant API changes. We expect to release the first beta later this year. The first alpha of HttpClient 4.0 was released and we're gearing up for the second.

HttpClient 3.1 final was released. It is expected to mark the end of the old codebase. A little confusion about the HttpClient 3.x web site arose during the Commons TLP move. For historical reasons, the web site was located under /commons in Jakarta and got moved to the new TLP. The problems are resolved now and the web site is back at Jakarta under /httpcomponents.

Discussions about HttpComponents going TLP continue on a low flame.


Not much activity since the 1.3 release. User list is active, but not high traffic.


JMeter 2.3RC3 was released

Alf Hoegemark joined as a committer.


No activity needed.


No activity needed.


Is not maintained anymore. The users seem to help out each other.


Henri Yandell has taken action to determine which taglibs should still be supported and moved a couple of taglibs into deprecated state. Also a couple of bug fixes were applied.

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