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This lists the issues currently facing Jakarta.

Priority last quarter:

11. Using_LGPL'd_code. Also LGPL with Hibernate clause, LGPL with Classpath exception and MPL.

Priority this quarter:

16. Lucene to TLP - Lucene_promotion_to_TLP
17. JCS to SLP - JCS_promotion_to_SLP
4. Migrating_to_Subversion. - In progress.
11. Improved quality of releases?
12. Remove dead mail list. JServ mentioned on mail2.html but seems dead.
13. Archive dormant codebases. Alexandria, Watchdog, java@ code (find this stuff first).
14. Migrate jetspeed mail+cvs and log4j cvs out of jakarta space.
15. Fix mail archives for ecs-dev and oro-user mail lists.
10. Decide how to manage quieter/hibernated subprojects better. Alexandria, BCEL, BSF, ORO, Regexp, Watchdog all fit the bill. - BCEL has been resuscitated
20. Security process. Is it obvious how security problems are handled? Do we have active security liaisons per subproject?

Less essential:

6. Wiki vandalism. Are all our wiki's monitored by a mailing list? Need a jakarta-wiki page to point to the sub-wikis - Jakarta wiki page exists now
7. List moderation coverage. - Got a report on these, a few lesser used lists might need covering
8. ASF Licence 2.0. Any major work left to do? Need a script to check that no ASL 1.0's exist in CVS.

Dealt with:

  1. The charter is out of date and needs much discussion. - An update has now been made to the charter. 2. Need to continue adding to the PMC. - The PMC size now seems to cover the projects well and should be adding people one at a time as they are nominated. 3. Jakarta-Commons/ASF-Commons confusion. - ASF Commons is now dead. 9. Obtaining a site-wide licence for Clover. - DONE - cvs:committers/donated-licenses/clover 5. Downloads pages are difficult to use. – Some irritation over JDK 1.5/1.4 issues, but done
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