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Community dynamic

  1. Is your community self sustaining and largely independant of other parts of Jakarta?
    Not the individuals, the community. Is it, for instance, so heavily influenced by the direction of some other sub-project that membership of both is virtually a pre-requisite for understanding.
  2. Are many of your commiters also commiters of some other sub-project for this, or similar, reasons?

Project Management

  1. Does your sub-project need or get much direction from the Jakarta PMC (or is it mostly handled by the comitters with lip service paid to the PMC)?

Community health

  1. Is your community highly dependant on one or two key people, or is there a real mix of talent working as a team?
  2. Is there generally an amicable, if hotly debated, concensus?

Infrastructure resources

  1. Does your sub-project have aspirations to own its own top-level resources (cvs, mailing lists, wiki, web-site)?

Product seperation

  1. Is your product tightly bound to other Jakarta sub-projects (excluding commons) or does it only supply a need or consume deliverables in the usual way?
  2. Does your sub-project contribute a lot of code to another, or receive a lot of contributions from another Jakarta sub-project?


  1. Has your sub-project outgrown it's original scope?
  2. Does your sub-project have a need or desire to maintain it's own sub-projects, incubate new ideas, or accept incubated projects from the incubator?


  1. Are there any compeling arguments which can be raised to support remaining within Jakarta?

Score 1 for each of the following answers:

1a yes

1b no

2a not much

3a real mix

3b generally amicable

4a yes

5a normal supply/consume relationship

5b not much direct contribution to or by other sub-projects

6a yes

6b yes

7a not really

Total 1-3 You probably belong here, consider staying.

Total 4-6 You might need to address some issues before you go.

Total 7-9 Promotion could be your path to further growth and maturity.

Total 10-11 You treat this place like a hotel, its time to think about what you really want.

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