Discussions on improved download pages to make it easier for user's to download distributions and more obvious on how to handle PGP/MD5 signatures.


  • 26 July 2004 - JK 1.2.6 Released
  • 21 July 2004 - Standard Taglibs 1.1.1 and 1.0.6 Released
  • 15 July 2004 - Tomcat 5.0.27 Stable Released
  • 03 July 2004 - HiveMind 1.0-beta-1 Released
  • 03 July 2004 - Commons Betwixt 0.5 Released

Community changes

  • Travis Savo joins as a committer (no access yet).
  • James M. Mason joins as a committer to Slide.

Subproject news

(** implies report based on the mailing lists by the chair)

Alexandria **

(dormant project)




Commons **

Commons has, as always, been very active. Outside of the components themselves, work over the last quarter has gone into the build and site generation system using Maven.

  • Chain was promoted from the Sandbox to Commons Proper.

Commons HttpClient

  • 2.0.1 and 3.0 alpha 2 releases are planned for the near future.
  • HttpClient plans to move to the Jakarta level after version 3.0



HiveMind is moving steadily towards an initial beta release.



Lucene 1.4 Final has been released.

ORO **

The ORO list was largely quiet over the last quarter.


Work on the next release of POI has been ongoing, but no release date has been set.


Nothing happened this month. No release date for the next release, 1.4, has been set.


Slide 2.1 release is under preparation including lots of nice new features. A first beta is to be expected in August. CVS will branch with the release of this beta.

Taglibs **

The sub-community is largely dealing with user queries concerning JSTL and the Standard tag-library, Apache's implementation of JSTL. A new version of the String taglib was released in May. A new sandbox taglib, datagrid, was also added in May.


Work on the next release of Tapestry, Tapestry 3.1, based on a new infrastructure provided by HiveMind, has begun. In addition, some annoyances in the final Tapestry 3.0 release may result in a 3.0.1 bugfix release.


The Tomcat CVS has branched, creating a TOMCAT_5_0 branch for continuing maintenance on Tomcat 5.0.x releases, and allowing work on Tomcat 5.1 to begin. For some discussion about Tomcat 5.1 features and changes, search the tomcat-dev mailing list archives for threads whose subject contains "5.next."


To make the creation of Web applications using Turbine easier, a plugin for Maven has been designed and is currently tested in the 2.3 branch of the Turbine framework. Some work towards the 2.4 release is going on, but no release date has been set.



The PMC discussed the status of Watchdog. It is a dormant project with no active committers. However, it is still used by Tomcat as part of Tomcat's release testing. In addition, the PMC would like to retain the option of future work on Watchdog, so the web site and accompanying materials will not be removed. A dormancy notice has been placed on the Watchdog web page and the mailing list subscription links replaced with a note to use general@jakarta.

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