Plan for the future of the Jakarta site


(Hen unless otherwise stated or volunteers step forward)

  1. Delete:
    1. Vendor page
    2. Newsletter Editor page - move to wiki? kill?
    3. Reference library - partly to a generic Java page and partly to a generic CVS page.
    4. packageversioning* (nothing links to this)
    5. versioning.html (nothing links to this)
    6. idedevelopers.html (nothing links to this)
    7. proposal.html (way out of date)
    8. faqs.html
  2. Flatten Project Guidelines and all the other 'how to' pages into a shallower structure.
  3. Move JSPA stuff to Geir. 5. Translation sites. What to do about them. 6. Removal of information that may be found at, the Incubator or other ASF locations. 7. Download improvements:
    1. Update to include nightly snapshots at
    2. Change filenames from to Do this by making the name equal the filename if no name is specified.
    3. Remove Commons from Commons components?
  4. Migration of reference pages into Foundation. Robert - ONGOING
  5. Update mail.html page. Some lists may be dead and the stated noise of each list is incorrect.
  6. Generated project info pages to replace mail, cvs/svn, jira/bugzilla/scarab, wiki parts. Would also link to the download page for said project. Could grow to cover Java@Apache.
  7. Javadoc index/directory. 3. Java@Apache considerations. Indexing systems for javadoc, jars, downloads etc. IRC channel? Java-based reference pages? 4. Increasingly simplify the site's HTML and improve its CSS.


0. 2005 copyright update. - DONE
0. Cleanup of dead parts of the site. - DONE

  1. Removal of Anakia build and usage of Ant/XSL as the only build system. - DONE
  2. Move site/news.* to redirects instead of meta refreshes. Also agreement.html. - DONE
  3. See if PRC will take Acknowledgements - DONE
  4. Figure out how to remove idedev-*.html. Tomcat pages in jakarta-site2. - DONE
  5. Why are meta tags being generated as bad xml? Is it the doctype of loose? - FIXED
  6. The generated html could definitely do with pretty printing. - DONE 2. New look site.
    1. Switch to three-column display - DONE
    2. Modification of XSL system to support mockup. - DONE
    3. Use of CSS. - DONE
  7. Tighter front page (tighter welcome message, new text under Products) - DONE
  8. Delete content:
    1. Remove licence renewal and news blog from Headlines section. Rename Headlines to News. -DONE
    2. Acknowledgements page - Redirect to
    3. Elsewhere news - KEEPING
    4. Our Mission -DONE
    5. Related project table -DONE (site/java_at_apache.html)
  9. Rename Graduated to Ex-Jakarta. - DONE
  10. Removal of silly pages:
    1. jon.html (and images) - DONE
    2. love.html - DONE
    3. idiot.html - DONE
    4. os.html - DONE (redirect added)
  11. Removal of dead pages:
    1. methodology.html (nothing links to this) - DONE (redirect added)
    2. jakarta-site-*.html (4 pages, with various links to them; however the content is bad) - DONE (rewritten)
  12. Move Legal link from navbar to bottom of page. -DONE
  13. Migrate to Subversion - [Site2_Conversion_Instructions]. - DONE 2. Improvement of download pages. Creation of cgi pages. - Hen - [DownloadPages] - DONE

    1. Remove other-releases.html page. - DONE
      4. SVN information in addition to CVS information. - DONE
      7. Posting of board reports to the site. - DONE -
      8. Move 'In Memoriam' to the whoweare.html page in Feb 2005. - DONE
      9. Switch google link to a form. - DONE
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