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  • 2019 - July Board Report Draft
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Board meeting on 17 Jul 2019; report to be submitted by 10 Jul

A cloud agnostic library that enables developers to access a variety of cloud providers using one API.

== Project Status ==

jclouds continues to accumulate bug fixes but little feature work.  Notably we are struggling with compatibility with Java 8 and newer Guava versions, which vexes our users. 

After a fruitful discussion with the Karaf community, we decided to move jclouds-karaf and jclouds-cli projects to the Karaf project (see this thread for more details). This has removed a blocker for new releases of jclouds, and we think it will help both communities going forward.

== Community ==

We had 12 contributors this quarter - including several new ones - in addition to the existing PMC and committers, and more activity on our issue tracker. Notably, there have been very promising contributions from some new developers to help with technical debt, particularly to remove uses of an internal package that makes it impossible to use jclouds in an OSGi environment with newer of versions of Gson.

There is a growing concern around the amount of time being dedicated to the project, since most of the PMC and committers are now "pure" volunteers (with $dayjob no longer related to jclouds). Another concern is the lack of traction, requests, and general interest from the community itself, or from downstream projects like Apache Brooklyn.

Last committer: 2018-07-23 (Daniel Estevez)

Last PMC member: 2016-10-21 (Andrea Turli)

== Community Objectives ==

  • Unblock the release of jclouds 2.2.0, which will provide Java 8 support.
  • Keep engaging contributors on Slack, and propose them as new committers as appropriate.
  • Monitor the PMC and ensure we have enough resources to properly manage the project.

== Releases ==

The last jclouds release, 2.1.2, took place on 2019-02-07.

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