ReleaseTesting2dot2 Apache JDO 2.2 Release Testing

This page describes the release testing for the GA release of JDO 2.2. The release notes at [WWW] describe the improvements implemented for this release.

Test Procedure

In testing the release candidate, follow these steps.

  1. Download the tck2 and tck2 legacy releases from [WWW] 2. Extract the files. 3. The JNDI test cases in tck2 are configured to use Sun's JNDI implementation. To download, go to, click the Download button at 'Download JNDI 1.2.1 & More', accept a license agreement, download 'File System Service Provider, 1.2 Beta 3' and then unpack the downloaded zip. Put the included jars fscontext.jar and providerutil.jar into the lib/ext directory. 4. cd to the jdo2-tck-2.2 or jdo2-tck-legacy-2.2 directory. 5. Edit, replacing the following line in the maven.repo.remote property assignment:,\{noformat}          


Check to make sure that there is no blank following the {{}} character above.

Then, run maven build

Repeat for tck2-legacy

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