JMeter Plugins

Apache JMeter is open source, and is designed to make it easy to create additional features via plugins.

There are many 3rd party plugins available. Some are listed below.

Note that appearance on this page does not imply endorsement by the Apache JMeter project. Also, for any assistance with using the plugins, please contact the supplier, not the JMeter project.

For other software related to using JMeter, please see the JMeterAddons page.

Free plugins

  • - This project is an independent set of plugins for Apache JMeter. Many different plugins including Listeners and Samplers.
  • - Free Open Source Plugin for Load Testing Websocket
  • - Free Open Source Plugin for Load Testing Websocket
  • - Free Open Source Plugin for Load Testing Apache Cassandra
  • BlazeMeter Plugin - BlazeMeter's cloud-based, free plugin to JMeter enables you to automatically save the results of each test run (logs, JTLs, JMX) in the cloud. Interactive reporting analytics. Compare past results and easily share them.
  • Statistical Aggregate Report - New visualizer plugin featuring a much cleaner graph than the Swing Graph Report. Source code available.
  • Enhanced JDBC Sampler - New jdbc sampler plugin capable of doing prepared statements, etc. Source code available.
  • Markov4JMeter - Open source (Apache License Version 2.0) JMeter plug-in allowing to extend a Test Plan by probabilistic user profiles based on Markov chains and elements known from state diagrams, e.g. guards and actions. Moreover, Markov4JMeter allows to vary the number of active concurrent threads during a test run based on user-definable mathematic formulae.
  • MysqlCollectorPlugin - user-contributed code to create MySQL Listener plugin

Commercial plugins

  • UBIK LOAD PACK- UBIK-INGENIERIE's Commercial plugins for Live and VOD ABR streaming for different formats (Apple HTTP Live Streaming, MPEG-DASH, Smooth), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Adobe AMF/FLEX Technology and JSON, Auto-correlator for VAADIN and Oracle JD-Edwards
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