Added in 8.0.1 is a simplified approach for customizing serializers and parsers in REST interfaces using annotations.

The following example shows the old approach of using a generic @RestResource(properties) annotations, and the new approach of using specialized annotations:

Annotations are provided for all serializers and parsers:


  • Annotations can be applied to classes and methods.
  • Annotations can also be applied to parent classes and methods and are combinable and overridable, applied in parent-to-child order.
  • All annotations support SVL variables (e.g. "$C{myConfigVar}").
  • Default values for all annotations can be set as system properties.
  • Default values for all annotations can also be set in the main configuration file or file.
  • Annotations can be applied to serializers and parsers directly using new applyAnnotations(Class) and applyAnnotations(Method) defined on the serializer and parser builder and group builder classes.

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