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Released: 3.8 (target)

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When KIP-478 and KIP-820 were implemented and merged, they introduced the new Processor API, replacing the previously weakly-typed Transformer that were used.

This change to the Processor API also introduced the MockProcessorContext class to the Kafka Streams test-utils to enable unit testing for any topologies, however, with the strongly-typed nature of the API, FixedKeyProcessor cannot use ProcessorContext and in addition the MockProcessorContext, this KIP adds the MockFixedKeyProcessorContext to enable unit testing for FixedKeyProcessor as well.

Public Interfaces

The new MockFixedKeyProcessorContext class.

// module: kafka-streams-test-utils
// package: org.apache.kafka.streams.processor.api;

public class MockFixedKeyProcessorContext<K, V> extends MockProcessorContext<K, V> implements FixedKeyProcessorContext<K, V> {

    public MockFixedKeyProcessorContext();
    public MockFixedKeyProcessorContext(final Properties config);
    public MockFixedKeyProcessorContext(final Properties config, final TaskId taskId, final File dummyFile);

    public <K1 extends K, V1 extends V> void forward(final FixedKeyRecord<K1, V1> record);

    public <K1 extends K, V1 extends V> void forward(final FixedKeyRecord<K1, V1> record, final String childName),

Proposed Changes

We add a new class to allow testing custom processor that implement the FixedKeyProcessor class.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

This KIP only adds a new class, so there is no compatibility concerns.

Test Plan

Regular unit-testing is sufficient.

Documentation Plan

The section on testing should be updated:

Rejected Alternatives


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