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KIP Authors: Edoardo Comar and Mickael Maison


When using TopicCommand --describe, it does not show if a topic is marked for deletion. Such information is only displayed when using --list. It would be helpful to have the --describe command include all details instead of having to go back and forth between multiple commands.

Moreover when using TopicCommand --describe with --under-replicated-partitions or --unavailable-partitions, topics marked for deletion are listed without being marked appropriately which can be confusing!

Public Interfaces

The change would only be in the output of TopicCommand when using the --describe flag. This is the class called by the script.

Proposed Changes

If a topic is marked for deletion, --describe will return the following:

 Topic:testtopic    PartitionCount:1    ReplicationFactor:1    Configs:cleanup.policy=compact,    MarkedForDeletion:true
 Topic: testtopic    Partition: 0    Leader: none    Replicas: 0    Isr:


When running with --unavailable-partitions or --under-replicated-partitions, the topic header is not displayed. In this case, the marker will be added on each partition:

Topic: testtopic    Partition: 0    Leader: none    Replicas: 0    Isr:     MarkedForDeletion:true 

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • What impact (if any) will there be on existing users?

There is a concern that people may be parsing the raw output as there is no structured output from this command. In that case, people will need to adjust their parsing logic.

Rejected Alternatives

We tried reusing the same string used by --list ("- marked for deletion") but we found the output inconsistent compared to the other fields in --describe.

Topic:testtopic    PartitionCount:1    ReplicationFactor:1    Configs:cleanup.policy=compact,    - marked for deletion
Topic: testtopic    Partition: 0    Leader: none    Replicas: 0    Isr:

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