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Currently tools in Kafka have three flavor of command line arguments:

  1. command line arguments using dot, e.g. --consumer.config
  2. command line arguments using dash --broker-list
  3. command line arguments using position 

#2 and #3 conforms to Unix standards while #1 does not.

Also, some tools always require config files for producer and consumer even when most people might just use default settings (ex. MirrorMaker).

And finally, some tools use a unique command line argument name for a command argument (ex. VerifyConsumerRebalance uses –zk to specify ZooKeeper URL while other tools use --zookeeper).


Proposed Changes

  • Change all tools using argument style #2 (arguments containing dots) to argument style #3 (following Unix standard, arguments containing dashes) (details listed below).
  • (Suggested by Gwen) Since mirror maker is more like a service instead of a tool. It makes sense to pass in a mirror maker config file.
  • Change unique/one-off command line argument names to match standard argument name (details listed below).

CommandOld Argument NameNew Argument NameReason For Change
kafka-console-consumer.shconsumer.configconsumer-configNot Unix Standard
kafka-consumer-offset-checker.shsocket.timeout.mssocket-timeout-msNot Unix Standard
kafka-consumer-offset-checker.shretry.backoff.msretry-backoff-ms Not Unix Standard
ExportZkOffsets.scalazkconnectzookeeperOne-off Name
ImportZkOffsets.scalazkconnectzookeeperOne-off Name
KafkaMigrationTool.javaconsumer.configconsumer-configNot Unix Standard
KafkaMigrationTool.javaproducer.configproducer-configNot Unix Standard
KafkaMigrationTool.javanum.producersnum-producersNot Unix Standard
KafkaMigrationTool.javanum.streamsnum-streamsNot Unix Standard
KafkaMigrationTool.javaqueue.sizequeue-sizeNot Unix Standard
kafka-mirror-maker.shconsumer.configconsumer-configNot Unix Standard
kafka-mirror-maker.shproducer.configproducer-configNot Unix Standard
kafka-mirror-maker.shnum.streamsnum-streamsNot Unix Standard
kafka-producer-perf-test.shrequest-num-acksrequest-required-acksOne-off Name
kafka-replay-log-producer.shinputtopicinput-topicOne-off Name
kafka-replay-log-producer.shoutputtopicoutput-topicOne-off Name
kafka-replica-verification.shtopic-white-listwhitelistOne-off Name
kafka-replica-verification.shreport-interval-msreporting-intervalOne-off Name
kafka-simple-consumer-shell.shfetchsizefetch-sizeOne-off Name
TestLogCleaning.scalazkzookeeperOne-off Name
VerifyConsumerRebalance.scalazookeeper.connectzookeeperOne-off Name
TestLinearWriteSpeed.scalacompressioncompression-codecOne-off Name
TestOffsetManager.scalathread-countthreadsOne-off Name
TestOffsetManager.scalareporting-interval-msreporting-intervalOne-off Name


Note that the following additional command line argument standardizations will be tracked via KAFA-2111 but are not part of this KIP since they are less invasive:

  • Add 'help' command line argument to any top-level tool scripts that were missing it.
  • Properly format argument descriptions (into sentences) and add any missing "REQUIRED" notes.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • What impact (if any) will there be on existing users? - Previously used command line arguments will no longer function so end-users will need to adapt their calls when upgrading Kafka.
  • If we are changing behavior how will we phase out the older behavior? - There will be no deprecation of old command line arguments, only a change-over.
  • If we need special migration tools, describe them here. - No migration tools needed but the Kafka Documentation & Wiki pages will need to be updated to educate end-users on these changes.
  • When will we remove the existing behavior? Existing behavior will change as soon as patch is committed and included in release build.

Rejected Alternatives


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