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  • KIP-222 - Add Consumer Group operations to Admin API
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Current state: "Accepted"

Discussion thread: here

JIRA: here  KAFKA-6058 - KIP-222: Add "describe consumer groups" and "list consumer groups" to KafkaAdminClient Resolved

Please keep the discussion on the mailing list rather than commenting on the wiki (wiki discussions get unwieldy fast).


This KIP is aim to add support for describing consumer groups and list consumer groups to `KafkaAdminClient` class. This functionality is required on the Streams Resetter Tool as describe here:  KAFKA-5965 - Remove Deprecated AdminClient from Streams Resetter Tool Open

Public Interfaces


Add the following API in AdminClient:

This API returns a future object whose result will be available within RequestTimeoutMs, which is configured when user constructs the AdminClient.

Proposed Changes

  1. Add `#describeConsumerGroups(Collection<String> groupIds, DescribeConsumerGroupsOptions options)` and `#describeConsumerGroups(Collection<String> groupIds)` to `AdminClient` API
  2. Add `#listConsumerGroups(ListConsumerGroupsOptions options)` and `#listConsumerGroups()` to `AdminClient` API 
  3. Add `#listConsumerGroupOffsets(String groupId, ListConsumerGroupOffsetsOptions options)` and `#listConsumerGroupOffsets(String groupId)` to `AdminClient` API and
  4. Implement it on `KafkaAdminClient`.
  5. Solve  KAFKA-6058 - KIP-222: Add "describe consumer groups" and "list consumer groups" to KafkaAdminClient Resolved
  6. Add `#deleteConsumerGroups(Collection<String> groupIds, ConsumerGroupsOptions options)` and `#deleteConsumerGroups(Collection<String> groupIds)` to `AdminClient` API based on KIP-229: DeleteGroups API.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • There won't be any impact on existing users.
  • There won't be any change of current behavior.
  • No migration tool required.

Rejected Alternatives

  • We are moving one more functionality from `core`'s `AdminClient` API to `clients`'s `AdminClient` API. This is aim to remove dependencies to `core` module.
  • Aggregating both Consumer Groups and Connect Groups in the same API would increase complexity adding generic MemberAssignment to match both groups. This KIP is only including Consumer Groups and will leave Connect Groups to be handled by another KIP. 

Future Work

  • Streams Resetter Tool will be remove it's dependency to `core` module for `KafkaAdminClient`.


Pull Request:


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