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The current ACL required for a CreateTopicsRequest is only on the singleton Cluster Resource, does not permit granular permissions (e.g. allow a user only to create a defined set of topics) and it is not symmetric with the permissions required for a DeleteTopicsRequest, which check Delete permission on the named Topic Resources.

This makes it currently impossible to allow a user to manage the lifecycle of a defined set of topics, as she/he will be able to create any topics, but not necessarily to delete all of them.

Proposed Changes

Change the current ACL check for creating a topic T, from CREATE on Cluster, to CREATE on Cluster OR CREATE on Topic(T).

Note that the check is performed on two execution paths : explicit creation and auto creation of a topic.

Change the AclCommand CLI tool so that the `–producer` convenience option uses the new finer grained ACL on a given topic. 

Public Interfaces

On failure from an authorization check, CreateTopicsRequest will return with an error code of  TOPIC_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED(29) instead of CLUSTER_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED (31)

The script will also accept --operation Create in combination with --topic T

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • What impact (if any) will there be on existing users?
    • existing ACLs with CREATE permission on Cluster will still allow users to create any topics 
    • clients expecting an error in CreateTopicResponse will receive TOPIC_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED(29) instead of CLUSTER_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED (31).
      in the Java client, both are mapped to subclasses of AuthorizationException;
      handling any auth error likely requires human intervention.
  • If we need special migration tools, describe them here.
    • not needed

Rejected Alternatives

  • Rejected the proposal of only checking for CREATE on Topic(T), (i.e. not checking anymore for CREATE on CLUSTER) because of backward compatibility.
  • Rejected the idea of having, for symmetry, a DELETE check on Cluster meaning allowed to delete any topics. The resource value ANY should be used instead for the topic.


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