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ConnectDistributed takes one command-line argument, the name of a properties file to use for worker properties. However, this makes it difficult to provide values for properties which are determined at runtime. (In some environments, the rest.port property could be one such example.)

The workaround is to create a wrapper script to generate a temporary properties file to pass to the process.

Public Interfaces

An additional command-line argument, --override key=value, will be accepted for ConnectDistributed.

Proposed Changes

Kafka brokers have a similar command-line argument for a properties file, but they also allow the user to specify an unlimited number of --override key=value arguments to override properties (or specify new ones).
ConnectDistributed will accept the same command-line overrides.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

This change is additive, so no migration is required, and it is fully backwards compatible.

Rejected Alternatives


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