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The client’s MetricsReporter currently receives the configuration via the configure method only if the user has specified the configuration.

The configuration is not a required configuration as KafkaConsumer and KafkaProducer will automatically generate client ids if not user configured (producer-1…, consumer-1…). These auto generated client ids are not passed to the MetricsReporter, which makes it difficult to track and map clients that have not specified the client id configuration.

KAFKA-4756 gave the broker’s KafkaMetricsReporter the auto generated broker id, but this change was not applied to the client’s MetricsReporter.

Public Interfaces

The client id when configured by the user already appears in the MetricsReporter configure method, so this is not adding anything completely new.

Proposed Changes

In KafkaConsumer and KafkaProducer constructors, we will pass the auto generated client id in a singleton map into the configOverrides parameter of AbstractConfig’s getConfiguredInstances method (same way KAFKA-4756 handles it).

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

The client id is already given to the MetricsReporter if the user has specified it so there will not be any migration or compatibility issues.

Rejected Alternatives


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