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  • KIP-350: Allow to take brokerid as parameter to show partitions associated with it
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Current state: Under Discussion

Discussion thread: here

JIRA: here

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Currently with if we want to get the list of partitions associated with a specific broker irrespective of whether it is leader or replica, we pipe the output and then do grep on it.

To make it easier I am proposing the change to add option in TopicCommand.scala to pass the broker id.

Public Interfaces

Add optional argument "brokerid" to adding below in TopicCommand.scal

parser.accepts("brokerid", "Broker id to list the partitions hosted on it, irrespective of whether it is leader or replica")
                       .describedAs("Broker id")

Proposed Changes

When "--brokerid" is specified by user, the given brokerid will be used by and will only show the partitions associated with the given broker id irrespective of whether it is leader or replica.

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