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Currently, ProducerPerformance and ConsumerPerformance tools do not provide command line options to save final results into an output file.

It would be useful to allow users to generate performance reports in a machine-readable format, and save final results to a file. This way, results could be easily processed by external applications. To keep this KIP short and easy to review, only CSV format will be supported; other formats (such as JSON, XML, etc.) can be introduced by follow-up KIP(s).

RFC-4180 defines a formal specification of the CSV format. It allows an optional header line that contain names corresponding to the fields. In certain situations, a header line might be beneficial to Kafka users too.

Public Interfaces

Add optional arguments "output-path" and "output-with-header" to both ProducerPerformance and ConsumerPerformance with the following specification

  --output-with-header Print out final results to output file with header. (default: false)
--output-path OUTPUT-PATH Write final results to the file OUTPUT-PATH.

Proposed Changes

In ProducerPerformance:

        .help("Write final results (excluding metrics) to the file specified by OUTPUT-PATH.");

        .help("Print out final results to output file with headers.");

In ConsumerPerformance:

val outputWithHeaderOpt = parser.accepts("output-with-header", "Print out final results to output file with headers.")
val outputPathOpt = parser.accepts("output-path", "Write final results (excluding metrics) to the specified file.")
  .describedAs("output file")


  • When "--output-path" is specified by user, final results of ProducerPerformance and ConsumerPerformance will be printed not only to the standard output but also to the given file in CSV format. An exception will be thrown if the file already exists.
  • When "--output-with-header" is specified, a header record will be also printed into the output file (it will be the first line of the output). This argument only takes effect if  "--output-path" is also specified.


Running ProducerPerformance tool with the following options:

bin/ --topic test --num-records 1000000 --throughput -1 --record-size  100 --producer-props bootstrap.servers=localhost:9092 --output-path  producer_stats.csv --output-with-header

will generate an output file called producer_stats.csv in CSV format: 

records sent,records/sec,MB/sec,ms avg latency,ms max latency,ms 50th,ms 95th,ms 99th,ms 99.9th

without --output-with-header, only final results are printed


Compatibility, Deprecation, And Migration Plan

There won't be any change of current behavior. New arguments of ProducerPerformance and ConsumerPerformance are optional. 

Test Plan

Review existing unit tests and implement new test cases that cover new functionality.

Rejected alternatives

Make delimiters configurable

To limit the scope, this KIP only targets CSV output format. RFC-4180 describes the format, and it does not allow the configuration of delimiters.

Future Work

Allowing users to specify other output formats (such as JSON or XML) might be beneficial in some use cases.

Overriding output file might be also useful occasionally.