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  • KIP-406: GlobalStreamThread should honor custom reset policy
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Current state: Under Discussion

Discussion thread: here 

JIRA: here 

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Currently, when GlobalStreamThread dies from a fatal error, an InvalidOffsetException will be forwarded to the user which is used to indicate that something wrong had occurred. We have improved upon the durability of GlobalStreamThread previously by wiping all data that had already been processed and rebuilding the store entirely (which was done in KAFKA-6121). However, we should also give the user the option of choosing their reset policy which up to this time, they had no chance of selecting.

Public Interfaces

A new reset policy(s) will be added which will allow the user some flexibility in determining the resilience of GlobalStreamThread.  It should also be noted that Topology.addGlobalStore does not allow the user to decide which policy to use. This method will potentially have to be extended. 

Proposed Changes

TBD. The details of the new reset policy is yet to be decided upon.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • The current Topology.addGlobalStore method will most likely be extended. One option will be adding a second version of addGlobalStore with extra input parameters while the original method calls the added method with default values. This would not force the user to change their preexisting code in any way.

Rejected Alternatives


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