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Streams previously used an "infinite" default Consumer config. The reasoning was that we didn't call poll() during restore, which can take arbitrarily long, so our maximum expected interval between poll calls was infinite. Since 1.0, we do call poll during restore, so we no longer need the infinite default, and setting a reasonable limit here can help to resolve situations in which a particular thread gets stuck for a while and Streams stops making progress.

Proposed Changes

We want to remove the override and instead fall back to the ConsumerConfig-defined default of five minutes.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

The only problem I foresee is that existing applications may currently take longer than five minutes between calls to poll in the steady state. Think: low-volume, but high-latency computations. These applications are leaning on the current Streams-defined default of "max int" millis. Upon updating Streams, they would start to see timeouts leading to rebalances if they don't override the config. The fix for them would be to set the config to something reasonable for their application, which would be a runtime fix.

Rejected Alternatives

In the ticket, we discussed even shorter defaults of 30s or 1m, but this would put even more applications at risk for spurious timeouts.

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