Current state: Adopted in 2.3.

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JIRA:   KAFKA-7190 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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When trouble shooting KAFKA-7190, one observation is that Streams' overridden topic configs of `` and `segment.index.bytes` are too aggressive, and hence is causing various issues with applications that do not have high traffic via these repartition topics. Although the root cause of it should be tackled at KIP-360, I think it is still worth removing these two aggressive overrides and only keep the `segment.bytes` override to 50MB, which should be sufficient for bounding the repartition topic's footprint.

Proposed Changes

Remove the override of `` and `segment.index.bytes` and instead fall back to broker-side TopicConfig's default, which is 7 days and 10MB respectively as of version 2.2.

Also replace the overridden value of `` from MAX_VALUE to -1 indicating no limit, which is the documented value as well.

We want to remove the override and instead fall back to the ConsumerConfig-defined default of five minutes.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

This should not introduce much impact on users except slightly increased footprint on the repartition topic partitions, which are still bounded by `segment.bytes`, which is 50MB unless user-overridden to other values.

Rejected Alternatives


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