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Current stateAccepted

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The Kafka command line tools[1] have two different ways to pass in the connection string, `--bootstrap-server`.  This causes confusion and a disconnected feeling when using the command line tools. This should also create a more predictable utilization of the command line tooling.


Public Interfaces

The following command line tools will have the `--bootstrap-server` command line argument added:,,,,

Proposed Changes

Add command line arguments for `--bootstrap-server` to all console applications listed above.  This argument will have the same functionality as the existing `--broker-list` arguments.

In addition mark `--broker-list` as a deprecated argument.  Future work could include removing this argument 

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • No command line flags will be immediately deprecated and no migration is necessary.  I am only proposing to add.

Rejected Alternatives


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