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Currently users can use view dynamic broker configs using the tool. It is sometimes convenient to be able to see static configurations through the same tool. This KIP enables a way to view all configurations through this tool.

Proposed Changes

By default, when using `--describe --entity-type brokers`, the config tool will only print dynamic configurations. We will add two flags to distinguish the set of configs to view.

  • `–dynamic`: Print only dynamically overridden configurations. 
  • `–all`: Print all available configurations and their sources.

This current behavior is equivalent to using the `–dynamic` option. If nothing is specified, this is assumed.

Public Interfaces

As described above, we will an optional flag to specify the set of configs to display when ` --describe` is used. 

For example, to print all configurations for a given broker, a user can do the following: --describe --all --entity-type brokers --entity-name 0

For `--entity-default`, there is no difference between `–all` and `–dynamic`. --describe --all --entity-type brokers --entity-default

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

We will retain the current behavior by default. If no option is specified, we will assume `–dynamic`. 

Rejected Alternatives

None yet.

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