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Discussion thread: [DISCUSS] KIP-561: Regex Expressions Support for ConsumerGroupCommand

JIRA: KAFKA-7817 Multiple Consumer Group Management with Regex



Add ability to manipulate subsets of consumer groups with similar names using regular expressions for operations including --describe, --delete and --reset-offsets.

Suppose we have a huge subset of consumer groups with similar names (group1, group2, ..., groupN) and we want to manipulate them using CLI.
It would be easier to apply regex instead of manually building a sublist of groups. 

Public Interfaces

Command line interface for all operations supported
bin/ --bootstrap-server :9092 --describe      --regex group[1-7]
bin/ --bootstrap-server :9092 --delete        --regex group[1-7]
bin/ --bootstrap-server :9092 --reset-offsets --regex group[1-7] \
                             --topic topic --to-offset 50

Proposed Changes

Command line interface will be updated with additional `--regex` parameter in combination with --describe, --delete and --reset-offsets command.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • New CLI parameter will neither have any impact on existing users nor impact on old behavior

Rejected Alternatives


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